Monday, November 24, 2008

Screeeeeeeech......Crash........ Ouch!!!!

Ok not exactly how I wanted it to sound like but that's the way it is now.Well I said I would be posting 'bout my tired state so here I am.
But first, did you understand what I want to convey through the sounds I have tried to imitate here.Maybe this image will help a bit....

So, do you get the picture now... Yep ACCIDENT... those are accident sounds I am hopelessly trying to imitate, and Yes I had an accident....

Wait Wait, before you go on exclaiming what's the big deal about it, let me clear things a bit why I am so intrested in posting about it.

For starters I used to be pretty happy about the fact that I never had an accident on a two- wheeler.... well there goes my chance to look down upon, pull a straight face and say anything nasty to guys and gals who ever had an accident on a two wheeler ( hehe well not that I use to do it earlier but just to make a statement.)

Well this happened Thursday morning ( 20 Nov ) coming back to hostel from home, won't go into much detail what happened , how it happened and stuff, took quite a lot of courage from me to again board my Honda Activa with a bleeding left knee, and palm, brave the winds and arrive hostel with an air of champion emerging out of a death match between my 80 KG plus 216 Kg heavy activa on one side and a 2 Ton truck on another.

Since then to the day I am blogging this down I have made a speedy recovery infront of all questioning eyes of my friends with almost the same question " Kya hua langda kyun raha hai" (What happened why are you limping?)

What my parents know of this is a short version that I got elbowed during a game of basketball, skidded on a rough surface and got a few scratches....(pretty lame excuse, isn't it, but couldn't come with anything better)
Cause if they ever come to know about this little incident, well I guess that will be a good bye to my dream of owning a superbike someday.

I guess thats pretty long already, so its a bbye for now and take care everyone


Phoenix said...

ouuch that must hurt!!

hey do visit a doc soon ok? and take good care :P
dont skid here and there.....take rest


get well soon

mayz said...

well that was quite an excuse to ur parents...they must have blind faith n ya to believe smthn like dat :P

anyway u tk cr dude...get well soon :)

Zubin said...

oh the scooter in the pic u have posted here...matches your ACTIVA? :p

Yeah...being with me has at least made you one heck of an convincing uncle and aunt wasn't a big deal at all, I suppose.. :D

chal...heal quickly...agli baar se when you are driving..we'll make sure that either the road is empty...or the tank is.. :p

Zubin said...

i think its time you write something new.. :p

Aki said...