Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey Everyone

Before I start talking about myself, I just want to tell a little about why I thought of starting this blog. I have many reasons but I think these two will be fine as long as a reason needs to be given:-

1. For a long time my mind has been swarmed by the bees( or insects ) 0f creativity with no proper channel to let them out. This condition was getting a toll on my everyday life making it more and more 'unmindful', hence the name oblivious- a state of lacking awareness,

2. Okay crap apart the other reason is - ( drumrolls......) my best friend Zubin ( has a blog so how can i be left behind.... :P .. after all i am a human dude i am suppose to have that competitive insect ( read "kida" for our Hindi knowing readers)...


Phoenix said...

hahah! lol! nice reason to blog!!!

:) really sweet!

Zubin said...

I have gotta say just two things:

1. A very warm welcome here...its nice to know something good is gonna start through me..made me smile.. ;)
Just be would love it and just in case you didn't notice in my case...its addictive. Though, I have myself been pretty irregular I have another reason to work on my time-management. :D

2. Now..CRAP apart..first its kEEda..not kIda.. :p and second..would you be a little precise and let me know where it bites you? Dude you need injections.. :p

and Oh..Whatever starts with my name..sweetness follows (referring to the aforementioned comment) ;)

P.S: get rid of the word verification.
P.P.S:..About competition...BITE ME..



Aki said...

lolz thanks a lot.


Thanks man, thanks a lot for the welcome bro..

Ummm and 'bout the word verification, it might take a lil while before i set things straight

well then tc