Monday, November 24, 2008

Screeeeeeeech......Crash........ Ouch!!!!

Ok not exactly how I wanted it to sound like but that's the way it is now.Well I said I would be posting 'bout my tired state so here I am.
But first, did you understand what I want to convey through the sounds I have tried to imitate here.Maybe this image will help a bit....

So, do you get the picture now... Yep ACCIDENT... those are accident sounds I am hopelessly trying to imitate, and Yes I had an accident....

Wait Wait, before you go on exclaiming what's the big deal about it, let me clear things a bit why I am so intrested in posting about it.

For starters I used to be pretty happy about the fact that I never had an accident on a two- wheeler.... well there goes my chance to look down upon, pull a straight face and say anything nasty to guys and gals who ever had an accident on a two wheeler ( hehe well not that I use to do it earlier but just to make a statement.)

Well this happened Thursday morning ( 20 Nov ) coming back to hostel from home, won't go into much detail what happened , how it happened and stuff, took quite a lot of courage from me to again board my Honda Activa with a bleeding left knee, and palm, brave the winds and arrive hostel with an air of champion emerging out of a death match between my 80 KG plus 216 Kg heavy activa on one side and a 2 Ton truck on another.

Since then to the day I am blogging this down I have made a speedy recovery infront of all questioning eyes of my friends with almost the same question " Kya hua langda kyun raha hai" (What happened why are you limping?)

What my parents know of this is a short version that I got elbowed during a game of basketball, skidded on a rough surface and got a few scratches....(pretty lame excuse, isn't it, but couldn't come with anything better)
Cause if they ever come to know about this little incident, well I guess that will be a good bye to my dream of owning a superbike someday.

I guess thats pretty long already, so its a bbye for now and take care everyone

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kurta Day Celebrations

Yep you read that right. Kurta for uninitiated means :
A loose, stitched garment worn by men and women, most commonly described as a tunic (also known as a kameez)

So whats so special about it to celebrate a whole day for it. Well to say nothing in particular.Just the day before our 'Day', we were suppose to be uptight formals. You know- full sleeves shirt, trousers, formal shoes, tie. An believe me when I say suppose to, it means not even 10% of my class mates love to go into those.
So where was I, oh back to our celebrations, so it was just a show of freedom being given to us by our college, 2 masterminds of our class - Aseem and Ankur, planned it out, mailed everyone.Lo and behold, the very next day, Tuesday the 18th of november, 10 dudes enter the classroom one-after-another in coloured kurta.
Can you just imagine how does it look like to have 10 guys in kurtas among hundred others in the college. well here u go.

the centre 2 guys- the guy in Pink kurta is Ankur and the guy next to him in brown one is Aseem - the masterminds,
from left to right-
Gurutej, Arsh, Amit, Vaibhav, Ankur, Aseem, Me :), Raghu, Sarwan, and Sachin.
well you will get to know about these guys as well later on. We had loads of fun getting ourselves clicked in poses.I guess this wouldnt be considered complete untill and unless i post a second pic,

Oh and if are wondering 'bout the building in the background, thats our library, Library of IMT Ghaziabad.
Guess thats all for now, am getting pretty tired, why? you ask, well I will write down about it soon enough and you will understand.
so Cya later then Bbye and take care.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey Everyone

Before I start talking about myself, I just want to tell a little about why I thought of starting this blog. I have many reasons but I think these two will be fine as long as a reason needs to be given:-

1. For a long time my mind has been swarmed by the bees( or insects ) 0f creativity with no proper channel to let them out. This condition was getting a toll on my everyday life making it more and more 'unmindful', hence the name oblivious- a state of lacking awareness,

2. Okay crap apart the other reason is - ( drumrolls......) my best friend Zubin ( has a blog so how can i be left behind.... :P .. after all i am a human dude i am suppose to have that competitive insect ( read "kida" for our Hindi knowing readers)...