Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kurta Day Celebrations

Yep you read that right. Kurta for uninitiated means :
A loose, stitched garment worn by men and women, most commonly described as a tunic (also known as a kameez)

So whats so special about it to celebrate a whole day for it. Well to say nothing in particular.Just the day before our 'Day', we were suppose to be uptight formals. You know- full sleeves shirt, trousers, formal shoes, tie. An believe me when I say suppose to, it means not even 10% of my class mates love to go into those.
So where was I, oh back to our celebrations, so it was just a show of freedom being given to us by our college, 2 masterminds of our class - Aseem and Ankur, planned it out, mailed everyone.Lo and behold, the very next day, Tuesday the 18th of november, 10 dudes enter the classroom one-after-another in coloured kurta.
Can you just imagine how does it look like to have 10 guys in kurtas among hundred others in the college. well here u go.

the centre 2 guys- the guy in Pink kurta is Ankur and the guy next to him in brown one is Aseem - the masterminds,
from left to right-
Gurutej, Arsh, Amit, Vaibhav, Ankur, Aseem, Me :), Raghu, Sarwan, and Sachin.
well you will get to know about these guys as well later on. We had loads of fun getting ourselves clicked in poses.I guess this wouldnt be considered complete untill and unless i post a second pic,

Oh and if are wondering 'bout the building in the background, thats our library, Library of IMT Ghaziabad.
Guess thats all for now, am getting pretty tired, why? you ask, well I will write down about it soon enough and you will understand.
so Cya later then Bbye and take care.


aseemsidhu said...

Yeah, we had some good fun, should do this often.


Phoenix said...

hey hi... this is my first visit here... and surely not my last...

i like your style of writing... :)

do you by any chance feel kurtas are boring or uncool? in kolkata [yeah i am from there] wearing jeans and kurtas are a casual, semi traditional look,it accentuates your broad shoulders..


Zubin said...

white kurta??..mast lag raha hai waise.. ;)..bas ek laathi ki kami hai..

jokes apart...shaadi kab hai? lol..
okay..SERIOUSLY jokes apart :D ..nice start.. ;)

Aki said...

@ Phoenix

First welcome to the blog and yes I do hope I will be hearing from you again and again :)
and the compliment coming from is a gr8 motivator for a novice blogger like me so thanks a lot dear
'bout the kurtas, I think they are a cool combi with a pair of jeans.

Hehe dude lathi bhi aa jaegi tu tension mat le.
and thanks bro